This new store doubled the size of the previous one. Lancaster County Timber Frames’ involvement included seven exterior timber framed canopies and an interior timber framed stair case. Over 700 Douglas fir timbers, totaling 42,000 board feet were used for the canopies. Additionally, the staircase totaled 3,500 board feet and had a timber count of 250 pieces. The handrails are not included in these figures as they were handled by others.

The most difficult issue that surfaced on this project occurred at a corner, at the height at which two of our roof structures converged to form a hip. At that height the newly constructed wall formed a corner that was 5 degrees short of 90. As our joinery and roof system was laid out and cut at our shop predicated on the corner, in fact, being 90 degrees, we had a full additional day’s work to sort out and correct the issue. As is typical for us, we had gone to the site to verify measurements several weeks before our installation. We took copious measurements on the building to which our frame would attach; but we neglected to check the corner angle at the height of convergence.

General Contractor/Homeowner

The Kinsley’s Group Family Limited Partnership
Kinsley’s Market of Tannersville; Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania


David Crawford Architects
AIA; Cherry Hill, New Jersey


D. Remy & Company
Hayesville, North Carolina