Cooper Grist Mill

In terms of historical importance, both on the state and national level, Morris County, New Jersey is significant. George Washington and his Continental Army spent two winters there and it was known as the military capital of the American revolution. The barn where Samuel Morse and Alfred Vaile perfected the telegraph and from where they sent the first message “A patient waiter is no loser” is still standing.

This gristmill is the only fully powered mill in New Jersey that continues to produce flour. A 6 1/2 ton, 16-foot diameter water wheel is moved by the water of the Black River. We were in the midst of rebuilding the Fosterfields Living Farm historical barn a few miles from the gristmill when the Morris County Parks Commission asked that we rebuild the flume which carried the water from the river to the wheel. All structural members are #1 white oak, while the flume lining boards are #1 red cypress.

General Contractor/Homeowner

Morris County Parks Commission
Morris County, New Jersey


Christie Engineering, PC
Bedminster Township, New Jersey