Pool Pavilion


Timbers: Exterior
Species: Douglas Fir
Surface: Sanded 4 sides
Grade: Select Structural
Quantity: 56 Pieces, 4,093 Board Feet
Finish: Sikkens Dark Oak #009
Edges: Stop Chamfered
Joinery: Ash Pegs – Proud
Ceiling Boards: 2×6 T&G, Doug Fir – Sikkens Natural Oak #005

This pool house, in Columbia PA, is located only ten miles from our shop. The clients wanted unfettered openness in the gathering area. The frame is, essentially, two bents connected by plates and a ridge.  Common rafters sitting on plates and the ridge tie the two bents together. The structure to the right protects the pool mechanicals and houses a bath/changing room. The king post truss at the front covers the bar and is the only timber in that building, but its inclusion helps “connect” it to the pool house. The timbers are Douglas fir, Select Structural grade and are finished with Sikkens/Proluxe SRD Dark Oak color.


C. Pontz & Sons Landscaping


C. Pontz & Sons Landscaping