Iron Rooster Restaurant

The Iron Rooster, formerly the Farmstead Grill, is located on a sixty-five acre tract of a former industrial zone called Canton Crossing in southeast Baltimore, Maryland. The first Iron Rooster restaurant is located in Annapolis. The restaurant is known for serving “breakfast all day.” Canton Crossing is a commercial development much like the King of Prussia Town Center project, with restaurants, small boutique-style shops, and large “anchor” department stores all thrown together with green spaces with a comfortable town-like feeling in a walk-able area close to a major metropolitan center.

Opened in 2014, the restaurant seats 200 people. The frame is composed of six tall Douglas fir king-post bents and are joined together with visible through-bolted steel plates at most interfaces and with embedded hardwood pegged splines at others. The solid timbers are finished with a semi-transparent white stain, often referred to as “pickling” or “whitewashing.” The steel hardware is powder coated a light metallic gray.

General Contractor/Homeowner

BCP Investors,
Baltimore, Maryland


Brown Craig Turner Architects,
Baltimore, Maryland


D. Remy & Company,
Hayesville, North Carolina