Hassenplug Covered Bridge

Mifflinburg, PA - 2022

Union County Bridge #13
The Hassenplug Covered Bridge was built in 1825 and is one of the oldest operating covered bridge in America.
• Bridge Type: Burr Arch Truss
• Deck length = 67’-8”, curb-to-curb width = 15’-2”

LCTF replaced approximately 30% of the original 1825 timber structure due to decay and deterioration. A 7″ thick timber deck was added to the top of the steel bridge beams restoring the interior to all timber components.

Bridge Scope
Timber: Southern Pine
Siding: Eastern Hemlock
Decking: Red Oak
Grade: #1 & #2
Timber Quantity: 344 Pieces, 13,650 Board Feet

General Contractor/Homeowner

Nestleroad Contracting
Union County


Larson Design Group