Great Harbor Yacht Club

With the waiting list for new members at the only yacht club on Nantucket being measured in decades rather than years, several impatient individuals decided to develop and build their own. One of these, Gary McCarthy, had been our first client on that island several years earlier.

From the time Gary first asked us to execute timber frame conceptual from the architectural drawings he had commissioned until we actually raised the frame over six years had passed. All of that time had been consumed by permitting, studies, approvals, bureaucratic roadblocks, and legal hurdles.

We introduced some structural elements into the frame which echo those found in the construction of historic wooden vessels – only upside down.

The frame, of stained Douglas fir, required 20,000 board feet and consisted of over 200 timbers.

General Contractor/Homeowner

Great Harbor Yacht Club
Nantucket, Massachusetts


Hart Howerton
New York, New York


Ruff Engineering
Douglassville, Pennsylvania