Ember 2


Timbers: Interior & Exterior
Species: Douglas Fir
Surface: Sanded 4 sides
Grade: Select Structural
Quantity: 97 Pieces, 5,244 Board Feet
Interior Finish: Watco Natural
Exterior Finish: 
Edges: Stop Chamfered
Joinery: Ash Pegs – Flush

This project is one of our most publicized, having been written up in numerous magazine articles since even before its completion. And for good reason: it is one of only a handful of residences in the state of Pennsylvania to have received LEED Gold certification. It is the second residence we’ve built for this client, and on the second go-around, the client decided to go all out in the pursuit of green construction methods and materials.

With a perfect southern exposure and significant heat storage mass, the clients’ heating bills already have a head start. But the passive solar design is augmented by a geothermal system, photovoltaic solar panels, tight construction, and super insulation. Natural building materials such as natural lime plasters cut down on environmental burden. The timber frame is a hybrid, maximizing the visual impact and warmth of the timbers while reducing overall timber use to the structural minimum. Construction waste was scrupulously controlled and documented