Peifer Sunroom Addition


It is frequently the case with farmhouses, particularly in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, that they evolve into multi-generational dwellings.  After this couple added an in-law suite, they felt moved to also add a gathering area for the three generations of family. They wanted an airy but warm, spacious but comfortable room.  The white walls and ceiling along with the walls of glass gave the lightness; the recycled random width floorboards, the fireplace gave the warmth. The wall height and room size gave the spaciousness; the furnishings yielded the comfort. The timbers are Douglas fir, and as always, Select Structural.

Balance, proportion, and scale are rather simple concepts to comprehend; often they are difficult to achieve. In this room, we feel, the structure achieves all three. The timbers support, define and protect; they add warmth, they suggest strength and they certainly do not overwhelm.