Following is an unedited list of the Builders and Contractors whom we have worked with over the years; some on multiple projects.

Builders & General Contractors
Chambersburg, PA L & L Builders, Inc. (2 projects) Brad Layman 717-261-1919
Chambersburg, PA Stayco Construction, Inc. Michael/Nelson Stayman 717-375-4626
Chambersburg, PA Wenger Construction, Inc. Don Wenger 717-597-2692
Columbia, PA Greystone Construction (2 projects) Pete Alecxih, Jr./Mark Bleeker 717-285-0549
Columbia, PA Kevin Smith Building Kevin Smith 717-684-5515
Dillsburg, PA eci Construction, LLC (4 projects) Bill Witmer/Jeff Ulm 717-638-3000
Dillsburg, PA Musser Home Builders (3 projects) Jeff Musser 717-432-3496
Dillsburg, PA W. David Earhart Blding Contr Dave Earhart 717-432-5609
Dillsburg/Williamsport, PA Lobar, Inc. (2 projects) Scott Sanders/Matt Ayers 717-432-3429
Dover, PA Hively Landscapes Brian Waltersdorf 717-292-5696
East Earl, PA Weaver Construction Andrew Snader 717-468-6499
East Petersburg, PA Warfel Construction Guy Kingree 717-299-4500
Elizabethtown, PA Elvin M. Weaver Builder, Inc. Elvin Weaver 717-367-4805
Elizabethtown, PA Heisey Construction, Inc. (3 projects) Wayne Heisey 717-367-8777
Elizabethtown, PA Helm Construction Ron Helm 717-367-0391
Ephrata, PA CB Structures, Inc. Paul Schnettler 717-354-2613
Ephrata, PA NRB USA, Inc. Don Engle/Ali Morrongiello 717-733-1794
Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg Construction Co. (2 projects) Wayne Hill 717-334-2101
Glen Rock, PA Webb & Webb Construction, Inc. 717-227-1722
Gordonville, PA Scenic Ridge Construction Jake King 717-768-7522
Hanover, PA Richard J. Smith & Sons Gary Smith 717-637-4839
Harrisburg, PA Triple Crown Corp (2 projects) John DiSanto/Nic DiSanto 717-657-5729
Lancaster, PA C.E. Pontz & Sons, Inc. Wes Young 717-394-9923
Lancaster, PA Caldwell Heckles and Egan, Inc. Ron Stiger 717-394-0799
Lancaster, PA Charter Homes (2 projects) Tony Andes 717-560-1400
Lancaster, PA Clark Associates Inc. (2 projects) Kevin Hershey 717-413-9850
Lancaster, PA Duff Builders Joe Duff 717-293-5100
Lancaster, PA Galen G. Miller, Inc. Dave Ditmer 717-898-2062
Lancaster, PA Hess Homes Builders, Inc. (3 projects) Phil Sensenig 717-569-5761
Lancaster, PA High Construction Company (4 Projects) Greg Spaulding 717-390-4632
Lancaster, PA Historic Restorations Lois Groshong 717-291-4688
Lancaster, PA Horst Construction (4 projects) Steve Horst/Ryan Horst 717-581-9900
Lancaster, PA Kreider & Diller Builders (6 projects) Don Diller 717-393-7273
Lancaster, PA Vanguard Construction, Inc. Jerry Horst 717-291-2000
Lancaster, PA Wohlsen Construction. (4 projects) Steve Davis 717-299-2500
Lancaster, PA Wilson Enterprises, Inc. Jerry Horst/Bob Meredith 717-392-4424
Landisville, PA Professional Design & Construc. John Mathew 717-898-8084
Lebanon, PA Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. Ken Funk 717-273-4122
Lebanon, PA Fairview Builders (2 projects) Tim Brown 717-821-3060
Lititz, PA Bewildered Builders, LLC Ed Diller/Bob Hilliker 717-569-5499
Lititz, PA Dwelling Places (8 projects) Larry Stoner 717-587-3629
Manheim, PA CSU, LLC/Lezzer Lumber, Inc. (2 projects) Todd Forney 717-665-0583
Manheim, PA Lefever Builders, Inc. Robert Lefever 717-665-5211
Manheim, PA Longview Structures, LLC (2 projects) Jesses Pellman 717-587-1197
Manheim, PA Perron Construction, Inc. Matt Zook 717-664-4994
Manheim, PA Stiegel Construction Dave Geib/Jay Hess 717-665-4122
Marietta, PA Sload Brothers Carpentry Ryan Sload 717-426-5436
Mechanicsburg, PA R.S. Mowery & Sons, Inc. Jim Finkenbinder 717-506-1000
Millerstown, PA S & S Construction, LLC Todd Shaffer 717-589-3375
Millersville, PA J. L. Fisher Bldng & Remodeling John Fisher 717-875-7154
Mohnton, PA Larry Fox Builder, Inc. Larry Fox 717-445-5521
Mohnton, PA QC Home Construction, Inc. Danial Coman 717-413-7668
Mount Gretna, PA Eastern Enterprises, Inc (2 projects) Gene Otto 717-964-3130
New Holland, PA Conestoga Construction Brent Whary 717-354-3744
Newville, PA Roger Russell Builder Roger Russell 717-776-7986
Paradise, PA Doutrich Homes, Inc. (2 projects) Corey Sangrey 717-768-8474
Pequea, PA Dan Chambers Building Dan Chambers 717-284-3418
Perry Co., PA McMillan Custom Builders Dave McMillan 717-789-4587
Quarryville, PA J. L. Swope Construction Jeff Swope 717-786-8745
Quarryville, PA Paul Risk Associates (4 projects) Charles Warrick 717-786-7308
Red Lion, PA Meticulous Modernizations, Inc. Tyler Imhoff 717-968-3015
Selinsgrove, PA Hepco Construction Chris Burgess 717-374-0381
Waynesboro, PA Woodcrest Homes (3 projects) Geoff Miller 717-762-2556
Willow Street, PA Dave Fisher, Builder (2 projects) Dave Fisher 717-314-4166
York, PA Heritage Hills Property Mng’t (3 projects) Dave Eisenbeil 717-755-0123
York, PA Hogg Construction Steve Coulson 717-741-0839
York, PA Keystruct Construction, Inc. Mark Angell 717-764-1326
York, PA Kinsley Construction (13 projects) Tony Myers/Jim Reindollar 717-741-3841
York, PA Markey Builders, Inc. Keith Hamberger 717-843-6607
York, PA Poole, Inc. Steve Hauser 717-747-4536
York, PA RF Hager Construction Rob Hager 717-843-8000
York, PA Wagman Construction, Inc. (2 Projects) Matt Biehl/Joe Fitzpatrick 717-814-4900
York, PA SR Campbell Assoc. (2 projects) Chris Readinger 717-840-0022