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On Any Given Sunday Afternoon

Knowing my economic limitations when I was a good bit younger I pretty much had honed my ability to defer gratification to the point where even the thought of owning a dependable vehicle didn’t cross my mind. I was 24 years old, teaching during the day and pursuing my master’s degree on evenings and weekends. […]

Noticed Details

Since the publication of Timber Frame Hybrids in 2008 a surprising number of those who have read the book have questioned me about my work with dogs. Some have even sought more information about my “vintage but cherry” Suzuki Titan motorcycle. Both of these details are mentioned only in the blurb under my photo at […]


The Rise of the Hybrid In construction, the term “hybrid” refers to the combination of major methods or types of fabrication. Almost all structures are a mix of methods or types, e.g., masonry foundation  or basement and stick-built platform walls and pre-manufactured fish-plated 2x roof trusses. In timber framing the term “hybrid” is more specific. […]