The GuildQuality organization recently awarded Lancaster County Timber Frames the 2010 GuildMaster Award with Distinction for its exceptional customer satisfaction.

GuildQuality is a third party rating organization that surveys and reports on customer satisfaction for construction and real estate professionals. The primary requirement for earning the GuildMaster Award is an exceptional customer service record as demonstrated by an extremely high customer recommendation rate. In the home building industry the average customer recommendation rate for builders is around 70%. In order to receive the GuildMaster award a business must achieve a recommendations rate of 90% or greater. Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc. had a recommendation rate of 100%.

In considering a GuildQuality member company for an award, GuildQuality reviews survey feedback received from all customers who have had projects completed by Lancaster County Timber Frames in the past year. If that includes fewer than 20 survey responses (as is often the case for companies with a small number of clients each year), Guild Quality includes older responses in the review as well, so that the feedback from the most recent 20 clients is considered.

LCTF was one of 139 home builders, remodelers and contractors throughout North America recognized for their outstanding performance.

You can view Lancaster County Timber Frames’ feedback and evaluations on their site.

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