St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Located in the northeastern corner of Tennessee, this 12,000 square foot church is covered with a massive yet elegant timber framed roof system. Each of the seven trusses span over 100 feet, with a free span of 40 feet in the center section. The wings at either side of the center section were framed using single pitch trusses set on I-beams running the length of the building. The forty foot kingpost trusses over the center section were set on top of the wing timber framing with brackets at the connection point. The trusses themselves use a combination of traditional wooden-pegged joinery, engineered laminate splines, and steel pins. The timbers are Douglas fir and were given a light whitewashed finish, rubbed to reveal the character and grain of the wood.

Designer: Shaw and Shenks Architect

General Contractor: Barker Building Company, Inc.

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

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