Located outside of Washington, D.C., this home and guest house timbers were carved from reclaimed resurfaced (rough-sawn) Douglas fir timbers harvested from the original Marconi Wireless factory in Montreal, Canada; the timbers had a distinct patina from their years of factory service. The trusses throughout the project were particularly massive, and this mass is expertly complemented by the iron straps that bind the collar ties and arched lower chords.

The overall feel of the house is redolent of the Rockies – not surprising considering the architect, Scot Broughton, makes his home in Colorado. A counterpoint to the traditional-industrial feel of the timbers are the many contemporary appointments, from the kitchen to bathroom to the foyer area.

Designer: Scot Broughton Architects

General Contractor: Sandy Spring Builders

Location: Potomac, Maryland

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