Plain-N-Fancy Restaurant and Store

Founded in 1959 and nestled in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Plain-N-Fancy Restaurant is the oldest “family style” restaurant in the area. This 9,000 square foot addition, fully timber framed in hemlock, was designed to pay homage to the traditional barns of this area. The greatly expanded space houses a large store stocked with curios and mementos of the Amish countryside, a restaurant lobby and loft atrium-like entryway, as well as exterior porches.

One of the photos in this collection shows the 1″ scale model that we built before the start of carving. With the arrival of computer-assisted design in the timber framing world such models are no longer needed, but we still produce a couple of them every year, whether for clients that just want one, or for museums or marketing purposes.

General Contractor: Paul Risk Associates, Inc.

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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