Paules Pavillion

Masonry piers and a paved patio had already been in place for a couple of years for this garden pavilion. Plans had changed a couple of times before the client – a cousin of one of our team – finally decided to put a timber framed roof over it all. We designed a pyramidal roof for the masonry columns without having visited the job-site in Vass, North Carolina – all we knew going into the project was that the columns described a 16 foot square. That’s not really our normal M.O. – we usually check things out pretty carefully. There are a kind of timber corbelled plinth block arrangement at the corners to raise the whole roof a little higher than was originally planned. The result is a slightly Chinese looking detail. The Douglas fir hip rafters land on a compression ring of timber eave plates, with jack rafters finishing out the roof plane. The roof boards are white pine.

Designer: Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

General Contractor: Bahnick Builders, Inc.

Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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