The clients on this project were a young couple who had just recently become parents and who both worked in music promotion. Both had the high energy and enthusiasm and irrepressible personalities that often go with that kind of work. They had just purchased land in northern Virginia and were ready to pursue their dream of leaving their careers to start a vineyard.

The lower level of this 4,300 square foot structure serves as their home. Wine tasting and musical/event/dining areas are on the main level. There is a mezzanine above this floor with guest seating, and a second mezzanine that provides a stage for musical groups.

During the early part of the timber frame design development the couple successfully pitched their dream project to HGTV network’s producers. The couple, Stephen and Shannon Mackey, was filmed from April 2006 to July 2007 for the HGTV series “Dream House.”

Designer: Stephen Mackey with Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

General Contractor: Ronald M. Hawes, Inc.

Location: Purcellville, Virginia

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