Litzenberger Residence

Nestled just above a mountain pond in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, this 11,000 square foot residence is the center of a complex of buildings on a 1,500 acre tract of forest land. A three story Douglas fir timber frame provides the structure and aesthetic for the cavernous great room, the lower living areas, and the master suite and bathroom, while the two-storey library frame is constructed from oak.

The most prominent feature of the frame, however, is four hand-peeled two-foot diameter white pine columns that extend from the lower level up to the top of the frame. An open staircase spirals around one of the columns. The library and hallways house a priceless collection of pre-Columbian sculpture. Lancaster County Timber Frames also erected a poolhouse on the property. (See our page on Outbuildings.)

Designer: Landmark Development

General Contractor: Joybeck Custom Builders

Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania

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