Leiberman Residence

This timber framed living room area was an addition to an existing home with a Pennsylvania barn flair. The addition has a full finished basement; the space is fully timber framed with seven raised chord kingpost trusses landing on heavy timber eave plates, with posts and braces along both walls. The timbers are kiln-dried red oak. There are no intermediate rafters or purlins, so the timber frame was covered with Lock-Deck tongue and groove structural decking.

Eliminating the rafters or purlins between trusses allowed for a broad, uncluttered expanse of ceiling that could be washed with light; at the eaves there are light baffles that resemble the timbers and hide LED uplighting. This gives the tongue and groove a soft, warm glow, rather than the harsher and less even lighting of conventional fixtures.

Designer: Treby Howard Phillips

General Contractor:

Location: Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

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