Hulse Screened-in Porch

Just off the kitchen and living room of an existing home on a quiet suburban street, this screened-in porch makes a perfect spot for outdoor dining – without the annoyance of flying and biting insects. The porch is about 24 feet wide and projects 14 feet from the back of the house. Screen panels run from the floor to the peak of the roof, but balusters were added at the lowest level to protect the screens from “enthusiastic” kids and pets.

The frame is of Douglas fir with white pine ceiling boards and an ipe deck. The 13:12 pitch of the roof matches that of existing roof, but the plane of the new roof was lowered by a foot in order to avoid the complications of making new construction match existing perfectly. Besides, the offset adds interest to the roof lines. The frame is a hybrid, relying on the existing stud framing to support the structural ridge and eave plates, with common rafters. The braces were offset from the center line of the posts and rails to allow the screen panels to be centered on the timbers. That decision also helped simplify the shapes of the screens. Lighting for evenings is provided by an overhead fan and light, and Frank Lloyd Wright style lanterns mounted on the timber eave plates. Chases hidden in the timbers provide electricity without the unsightly clutter of surface mounted chases.

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