Hawk Point Golf Club

Like a number of other private club projects we’ve undertaken, the Hawk Pointe Golf Club sought to create an entryway to the club house that would be distinctive yet in keeping with the existing architecture, and would reflect the status of the club and its award-winning 320-acre golf course. A timber framed port cochère was the result. The greater than usual size of the timbers – 14″ x 14″ posts and 10″ x 20″ x 38′ long girts – give the impression of sheer strength. The covered entrance also lets guests arrive in style, protected from the elements. The timbers are smooth sanded Douglas fir with a natural exterior finish. More information about the Hawk Pointe Golf Club and the addition can be found at www.hawkpointegolf.com.

Designer: JGA Architectural Design

General Contractor: Critical Path Project Management, LLC

Location: Washington, New Jersey

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