Grant Poolhouse


This luxurious poolhouse is a part of an outdoor entertainment area in a neighborhood outside Pittsburgh, PA. One wing of the poolhouse houses the hi-tech utility space for the pool, and a sauna close to the pool. The other side of the poolhouse is all about parties and good times, with a full kitchen and bar, fireplace, and sitting area, and a finely appointed bathroom. Stained concrete floors give the interior a feeling of refined interior design mixed with the informality of a pool area. NanaWall sliding glass doors open wide to bring the outside inside, and vice versa.

The timber frame uses a modified hammer beam truss configuration in the main axis of the building, with common trusses with fanned struts on the transverse gable facing the pool. The timber hips land on dragon beams at the corners of the room. A dark stain was applied to the timbers, which contrasts nicely with the white pine tongue and groove roof boards. A built-up insulated roof is installed over the pool house, so it can be used as a party space even in the winter months. The massive 12 by 12 timber posts on the exterior land on custom-made cast iron plinths.



Designer: Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

General Contractor: Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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