Lancaster County Timber Frames was recently selected by the Pittsburgh Zoo to supply and erect a timber framed restaurant in the African Savannah area. The Pittsburgh Zoo is one of only six major zoo and aquarium combinations in the US. It occupies 77 acres and houses over 4,000 animals of 475 species of which 20 fall in the threatened or endangered categories. The architect is Indovina Associates Architects of Pittsburgh, PA. Below is their rendering of the finished project.


We’re also in the process of carving and finishing a frame for a new residence in Mercersburg, PA. Below are a rendering of the finished structure and an isometric view of the timber frame. The clients saw something they liked in our book “Timber Frame Hybrids” and said they wanted “something like that”. The frame, which used steel brackets, gussets, and tie rods, references an industrial look and feel.

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