DONSCO BREEZEWAY – LCTF has commenced work on the second phase of the John Wright Store & Restaurant expansion in Wrightsville, PA. See our posting in our blog from April 6th, 2010 for an article about the combination of cast iron hardware and heavy timbers, or navigate to to have a look at the restaurant itself. The second phase comprises a breezeway and timber framed stairs to provide access to the second floor of the previously completed main restaurant addition. The second floor of the addition will be finished out for outdoor dining with a splendid view of the Susquehanna and the historic Wrightsville bridge connecting York and Lancaster counties.
DILLER – We’ve also just started on a fifth project with the firm Kreider & Diller Builders, Inc. – a personal vacation home for one of the firm’s principles, Don Diller. The home will be situated in the vicinity of Lock Haven, PA. A spring raising is scheduled.
BURN BARN/DEREMER – Although we love traveling to job sites further afield – we’ve done projects from Nantucket to New Mexico – it’s also nice to do projects right in our back yard. Work on the restoration of an old Hellam, PA barn that had been converted into a residence is scheduled to begin next week. The structure was severely damaged in a fire, and the restoration work will make a number of improvements to help bring the barn/residence into the 21st century.
GRAND HALL – The “Grand Hall” is large gathering room for a new 19,000 square foot residence. We are working with Nate Contractor/Structural Design & Solution on this project. A mid-March installation is planned.

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