LCTF was recently chosen to carve and raise a timber framed roof system of  vintage timbers and ceiling boards for the lodge at the Allentown Classic Motor Car Park.  The structure measuring 93 feet by 182 feet is situated on twenty acres which includes several restoration shops, a museum, an office, a soon to be restored drive-in theater and a serpentine macadam track that winds in and around the property for “exercising” the cars.  Hundreds of trees will be planted during the landscaping phase.  The twenty acres are comprised of several parcels of land purchased over a period of ten years. The Car park is owned by Nicola Bulgari, scion of one of the great jewelry dynasties (BVLGARI).  The site will become a private showcase for Mr. Bulgari’s 100 some cars from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

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