Lancaster County tree house: A past client is working with LCTF on a small but stately “tree house”, i.e., a house that rises up into the trees. The bottom level of the structure is a pull-through area for a tractor. The upper levels are to have a balcony on at least two sides, and a sleeping loft above the second floor. An elevated walkway will span between a tall embankment and the second floor of the tree house.

St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church: Here’s a picture of the completed portico for the St. Matt’s church. The curved glulam roof beams are over 50′ long.

Central PA vacation house: Work on this white oak timber frame for a vacation house in the midst of the Sproul State Forest in central Pennsylvania is progressing nicely, and the shop smells of fresh-sawn oak! We have to be careful not to leave our tools on top of the timbers overnight (shouldn’t be doing that anyway), or the tannins in the oak will rust any steel. The frame will be erected in late April.

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