HGTV “Dream House” Series – Featuring Lancaster County Timber Frames

In the winter of 2006 an enthusiastic and energetic Stephen and Shannon Mackey, who were pursuing their dreams of starting a vineyard in Virginia and who had been working with us to design a timber frame structure–one that would serve as both home and a tasting room/gathering area for customers–visited HGTV’s website and filled out a form for consideration for HGTV’s “Dream House” series. The form led to a mailed detailed questionnaire, which led to phone interviews. These interviews led to semi-final selections and finally to selection. The program will run for a full season and will cover the whole process from design to move in. HGTV’s film crew, a hearty and interesting crew, spent several days in our shop shooting the carving and prefitting and four weeks with us on site filming the arrival, raising of the frame, panel installation and built up roof system installation.

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