What We Do & Don’t Do

Lancaster County Timber Frames is a custom-build company. That means that we don’t have books of plans of timber frames that we carve and erect time and time again. Every timber frame we’ve ever cut has been an original, one-off design. For some clients there are some disadvantages with the custom fabrication approach, but we’ve found our niche working with clients who are pretty sure about what they want. We’ve been around for a while now, and our identity has come to be defined in a couple of ways. Here’s a list of some of the things we do and don’t do:

We Do:

  • Provide custom architectural design services
  • Provide timber frame designs with engineering analysis and certification
  • Fabricate and erect timber frames in solid timbers in any species obtainable
  • Fabricate and erect Glulam structures
  • Install structural insulated panel (SIP) enclosure systems with rough openings
  • Install built-up roof enclosures
  • Give free estimates and simple conceptual designs (we have a design contract for more extensive design work)
  • Install tongue & groove structural decking

We Don’t:

  • Act as a general contractor on projects
  • Construct foundations or do rough framing and general carpentry
  • Install doors and windows (most of the time; every now and again we will)
  • Do finish carpentry inside or out, although occasionally we will install exterior cladding such as barn boards
  • Do plumbing and electrical or other mechanical work, even though we’ll work with these trades to make sure that things always go smoothly
  • Install finish flooring materials


Generally speaking, our specialty is the timber frame and the rough enclosure system themselves. We find that concentrating on the part of the project we know and love most is the surest way we can guarantee you a product of the highest caliber. While we’ve moved away from providing general construction management services over the years to focus on what we know best, our designers and site managers have loads of experience in general construction. We can help you and your builder understand what makes a timber frame tick, and help assure that a timber frame and enclosure of the highest quality are the result of our collaboration.

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