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"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell for a little cheaper; and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.” - JOHN RUSKIN, 1819-1900 Last December my father, late into his 91st year, died in his...

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Third party timber frame designers

At one point in the past almost all timber frame companies did their frame designs in-house. Over the years what was once a rarity has now become almost commonplace. But since we now have timber frame companies who farm out the "carving" of their timber frames to CNC...

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Man vs. Machine, Reprised

Close to two decades ago, when a German company called Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH first started selling its CNC machines to North American timber frame companies, an outcry from timber frame traditionalists erupted in the Timber Framers Guild magazines. The grass...

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A Simple Thing, Part III

When I was a little kid I was almost always in a hurry and my aim was not fully perfected yet. Growing up in a large family of mostly females and living in a small one-bathroom house I well remember the indoctrination stuff about “seat up, aim carefully, seat down.”...

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A Simple Thing, Part 2

Over a year ago I wrote a paragraph on this blog which dealt with the selection of a building site in relation to the compass direction to one’s workplace, a factor to which most give little thought. Of the myriad factors to consider when searching for a building lot,...

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A Free Lunch

There’s always a sense of excitement in the office when the phone rings and it’s a new prospective client on the other end. We know that the client is excited, too. I mean, who would be contemplating spending a pretty fair chunk of change on a new home or an addition...

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A Labour of Love

It’s been nearly fifteen years since the building of the home in which my wife and I live. Prior to this home, I had built three others for myself. Our company, of course, designs and builds a wide range of exciting projects, but over the winter I had begun to...

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A Breath of Fresh Air

The first architectural design class I sat through in college centered in no small part on studying styles, sub-styles and the design elements which define them — style ranging from the Georgian Style to the High Victorian Gothic Style, from the Federal Style to (this...

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