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Depth of Experience Because timber framing in America lay mostly dormant from the late 1800’s until the 1970's, and because the resurgence didn't really pick up momentum until the early 1980’s, the playing field for companies was somewhat...

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Not too long ago a young engineer who had just discovered the wide world of timber framing visited our shop. He was eager to absorb as much information as possible and during the course of our two hour conversation he asked, after I told him...

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Copyright Issues

Every now and again a prospective client comes through our door with a set of drawings from another timber frame company. For one reason or another — why is usually a somewhat delicate matter — the prospective client decided they weren’t sure they wanted to work with...

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  Back in the 70's I taught a high school design class for which the prerequisites were two years of mechanical drawing and one semester each of wood shop and metal shop. The students in this design class would have limited access to both wood and the metal shop....

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Ceilings in timber framed Spaces

It’s probably safe to say that the vast majority of ceilings installed over timber frame roof systems are v-grooved tongue & groove boards, 6” or 8” wide. At least that's the impression you'd get after leafing through timber frame magazines and books, or after...

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A Memorable Experience

A few months back an attractive young dental hygienist who had just started with my dentist’s practice had me in her chair for the first time and in a sincere effort to lubricate the gears of social interaction led off with this beauty: “So, are you retired?” It was a...

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What size company are we and why?

I’m not sure how I’d classify us as to size compared to other timber frame companies. And what does size mean? Average, or perhaps, combined employee body weight, number of projects raised yearly, total board footage worked per year, number of pegs purchased, amount...

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The ideal client

A good while back the editor of a now defunct timber frame magazine for which I had written several articles suggested that I do and article on the “ideal client” — the type who makes the whole process an easy and totally enjoyable experience. At first I thought he...

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Is engineering worth the cost?

There are some timber framers who have convinced themselves and many of their clients that it is not necessary to have the design of their frames reviewed and approved by a structural engineer. While it is true that there are some structures which have a use...

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