When I was a little kid I was almost always in a hurry and my aim was not fully perfected yet. Growing up in a large family of mostly females and living in a small one-bathroom house I well remember the indoctrination stuff about “seat up, aim carefully, seat down.” It was just one of those annoyances that felt too minor to complain about. OK, so maybe once or twice I may have asked “Why do the boys always have to be the ones to raise and lower the seat?”
My awareness of urinals began only when I started using public buildings. I had never seen one in a home. Why is that? Urinals make so much sense. First, you don’t have to be a great or even good shot – the target is right there and it is huge. Second, they use less water. Third, they are inexpensive, and fourth, they hardly take up any room at all. So, if anyone knows of a good reason why urinals remain a rarity in homes, I’d like to hear it.
Almost twenty years ago while my wife and I were designing our home I decided to put one in the master bath. My wife, for some reason, didn’t object although the plumber raised at least one eyebrow. From the day we moved in I realized that I had done the right thing and through the years when I had clients for whom we were designing their homes, I would make my urinal pitch. Those clients who have heeded my advice have, every one of them, thanked me. One woman, however, chastised me for not suggesting that they put one in every bathroom.

– Tony Zaya

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